LifestyleDiscover your inner beautician: easy steps to craft natural cosmetics at home

Discover your inner beautician: easy steps to craft natural cosmetics at home

How to make homemade ecological cosmetics?
How to make homemade ecological cosmetics?
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6:45 AM EST, January 13, 2024

The term "natural cosmetics" has been gaining popularity in recent years. Natural cosmetics are embraced not only by those with sensitive skin but also by anyone who wants to minimize their exposure to chemical ingredients in cosmetics. A natural cosmetic product meets these expectations as at least 90 percent of its composition is derived from natural substances, eliminating the need for laboratory synthesis.

Ingredients in natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics typically include a range of vitamins in their composition. Common ingredients include plant-derived oils and extracts, waxes from both plant and animal origins, as well as naturally occurring minerals.

What attracts users to natural cosmetics is the minimal processing of the ingredients used and their preparation to avoid as much chemical interference as possible. For instance, if a cosmetic ingredient includes plant oils, these oils are pressed directly from fresh seeds. If beeswax is used, it is sourced directly from the honeycomb.

The process of making homemade cosmetics

To many, making cosmetics at home may seem a daunting task which often results in conceding before even giving it the first try, opting instead for ready-made products from the store. However, it's possible to make cosmetics at home without requiring hard-to-find ingredients or complicated processes. Most homemade cosmetics require only a few ingredients which can be found in your kitchen cabinet, pantry or refrigerator, and certainly at the pharmacy, such as herbs. The key is to ensure freshness of the ingredients and their proper storage.

Proper storage is essential not only for the ingredients but also for the homemade cosmetics themselves. Because they are entirely natural they have a shorter shelf life, hence the importance of keeping them refrigerated.

Creating homemade cosmetics

Producing homemade cosmetics is not as difficult as it may initially seem. With the right instructions, you can easily prepare your own shampoo or cream. The following will provide step-by-step recipes to assist you in creating your own cosmetics.

How to make a moisturizing shampoo?

This moisturizing shampoo recipe is perfect for caring for dry hair. Here are the few ingredients required:

A quarter of a cup of distilled water

A quarter of a cup of your selected aromatic oil

A quarter of a cup of aloe gel

1 teaspoon of glycerin

A quarter teaspoon of avocado oil or one teaspoon of jojoba oil

Mix together the aloe gel, avocado or jojoba oil, and glycerin. After mixing, add the distilled water and your chosen aromatic oil. Mix everything again and your shampoo is ready. Store in the refrigerator and remember to shake before each use.

Hand cream with lanolin and avocado oil

This hand cream formula, enriched with avocado oil and lanolin, is perfect for spring and autumn when the skin tends to be severely dry. Here are the ingredients necessary for this cream:

2 tablespoons of lanolin

1 tablespoon of glycerin

1 tablespoon of aloe gel

1 tablespoon of avocado oil (refined)

1 tablespoon of essential oil

A glass container, preferably 50 ml

In a water bath, slowly melt the lanolin while stirring it with a spoon. Mix the melted lanolin with the other ingredients - glycerin, aloe gel, and avocado oil using a blender. Blend for a few minutes until a consistent mixture is obtained. Then, add a few drops of the essential oil. Transfer the cream into a jar and store in a cool place.

The benefits of using natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics offer several advantages. These products, which are based on natural ingredients, don't contain harmful chemicals. They are suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin, and they are environmentally friendly.

When creating cosmetics based on your own recipes, you can customize the formula to your needs, choose your preferred scent, and eliminate any irritating substances. On top of all this, making your own cosmetics can be an enjoyable experience.

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