LifestyleDiscover your dominant emotion through this TikTok optical illusion test

Discover your dominant emotion through this TikTok optical illusion test

What did you see first? The answer says a lot about you.
What did you see first? The answer says a lot about you.
Images source: © TikTok | brightside.official

8:35 PM EST, January 8, 2024, updated: 1:36 PM EST, January 9, 2024

Optical illusions, puzzles, and perception tests are quite popular on the internet. While often regarded as simply interesting, some suggest that what a person sees in an image can reveal a lot about them.

If you appreciate these exercises for their entertainment value, take this in good fun. If you see them as insightful tools, read on to discover what your first association reveals about you.

Apple Core

An interesting psychological test involves a picture shared on TikTok's "brightside.official" profile, which comes with an explanatory comment. As clarified by the commentator, the first thing you notice in the image can help you understand what emotions are currently prevalent in your life.

If the first thing that caught your attention is an apple core, it suggests that you are an individual who sees things as they are. You also tend to be content and happy with what you have.

According to the commentator explaining the picture's symbolism, you probably have supportive loved ones around you on whom you can rely, irrespective of the circumstances.


However, if you initially see two faces facing each other, this suggests that your relationships with others are essential to you. You may even be navigating a crisis with a loved one currently.

Keep in mind the significance of communication in life, particularly in relationships. It always proves more beneficial to discuss matters and express your emotions rather than suppressing them.

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