LifestyleDiscover the viral TikTok hack: How a simple ball of aluminum foil can transform your hair

Discover the viral TikTok hack: How a simple ball of aluminum foil can transform your hair

Carry a ball of aluminum foil with you.
Carry a ball of aluminum foil with you.
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7:42 AM EST, January 29, 2024, updated: 4:41 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Beauty hacks on TikTok have become a dominant part of our realities. Thousands of such hacks live on the platform, generating considerable hype and extensive discussions amongst female users. One such hack involves a ball of aluminum foil, easily carried in a pocket or purse.

Always Carry a Ball of Aluminum Foil

A ball of aluminum foil might have the potential to save your day. Thanks to TikTok, it has been revealed that a small ball of foil can enhance the appearance of hair in just a few seconds. To achieve this, you flatten the ball and gently run it over your hair, which might be frizzy or static.

The results are instant, and importantly, there's no need to carry a hairbrush anymore, freeing up space in your purse. The aluminum foil ball can be kept anywhere and used whenever needed. Isn't this a remarkable hack?

TikTok Trick Gains Traction

The aluminum foil ball hack became popular on TikTok courtesy of user laurentpreble, who shared the advice she received from an internet user. She demonstrated the trick in a video and it immediately went viral.

Initially, the TikToker messed up her hair, then used a piece of aluminum foil to delicately smooth out the strands. It's noteworthy that this strategy provides temporary relief, so it would be unwise to expect the hair to remain sleek for the entire day.

Have you ever tried this aluminum foil ball trick? Or perhaps you have other beauty hacks to share? Express your thoughts in the comments below!

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