FoodDiscover the unusual uses of potatoes: stretching shoes and polishing mirrors

Discover the unusual uses of potatoes: stretching shoes and polishing mirrors

Potatoes in boots
Potatoes in boots
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9:06 AM EST, January 7, 2024

While it may initially seem a stretch to link potatoes with everyday problem-solving, these humble vegetables can emerge as an unexpected ally. You might ask, how? It's as simple as placing potatoes in shoes or using them to shine mirrors. With this simple technique, we tackle not just one but two problems simultaneously.

Potatoes can alleviate the pain of tight shoes

Potatoes may be the answer when facing uncomfortable, tight shoes. Each one of us has experienced this dilemma at least once. Imagine shoes so tight they squeeze our toes or visible ankles, making every step a struggle. Fortunately, there's a straightforward way to alleviate this discomfort without specialized equipment.

All this method requires is a peeled, washed potato to be placed in each shoe. As the juice from the vegetable seeps out, it softens the material and gives the boots greater flexibility. Come morning, remove the potato and clean the shoes with a dry cloth. However, this technique is most effective with shoes made of natural leather, while its effects are less pronounced on synthetic materials.

What other uses do potatoes have?

But potatoes aren't just kitchen stalwarts; they are also helpful in the bathroom. A raw potato can be employed to polish mirrors and other glass surfaces. Slice the potato in half and use it to shine your mirror. Afterward, wipe everything with a dry cloth, and behold - a shiny, streak-free mirror.

Potatoes are indeed versatile and helpful vegetables. Given these unusual uses, it is worth reevaluating and exploring their potential to solve everyday problems.

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