FoodDiscover the unexpected ingredient elevating your coffee taste: busting the bitterness

Discover the unexpected ingredient elevating your coffee taste: busting the bitterness

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8:28 AM EST, January 7, 2024

As a coffee lover, I find it hard to imagine a day without at least one cup of this enticing black beverage. You've landed in the perfect place if you feel the same way. This article reveals how one non-obvious ingredient can elevate your coffee's flavor to perfection. If you're looking to boost your coffee taste, keep reading. I promise you, it will be worth your time!

Coffee with this special ingredient is a total game-changer

Are you curious about what I use in my coffee instead of sugar? While my fiancé prefers his coffee plain, I enjoy coffee with milk, occasionally sweetened with a hint of sugar.

Recently, however, a friend introduced me to an unusual addition to her coffee. During one of my visits, she offered me a cup of coffee, an offer which I naturally accepted. To my surprise, she added salt to the brew. Yes, you read it right, salt!

You're likely wondering why my friend would do this. I had similar questions and asked her to explain. As it turns out, she dislikes the bitter taste often found in hot drinks. To counteract this, she used to add a significant amount of sugar. However, a coffee coworker shared her trick of adding salt to reduce bitterness.

This common kitchen ingredient works magic in mitigating coffee's bitterness. Moreover, you only need a minute amount of salt to notice the change. My friend insists that it lends a more distinct, expressive taste to her coffee.

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Intrigued, I couldn't wait to try this trick myself. My friend added that she typically used at least two teaspoons of sugar to sweeten her coffee. Desiring to reduce her sugar intake, she faced a challenge with her coffee as she needed to minimize the bitterness without over-sweetening. The salt hack came to her rescue, solving her problem instantly.

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