Tips&TricksDiscover the secret to preserving winter boots and bags for longer: Bubble wrap

Discover the secret to preserving winter boots and bags for longer: Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is not only useful for packing.
Bubble wrap is not only useful for packing.
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12:14 PM EST, January 27, 2024

When we need to send packages or move delicate items, bubble wrap is often our first choice to protect them from harm appropriately. Many of us receive bubble wrap with our orders, and instead of stowing it away safely, we discard it, which is a regrettable error. Keeping a few sheets of bubble wrap could protect our winter boots.

The structure of bubble wrap and air-filled bubbles act as your best allies. During winter, we frequently wear boots with high uppers, typically made from soft material, which means they tend to bend unattractively. After just one season, our boots can appear worn and in severe cases, cracked and damaged, rendering them unwearable. It's not sensible to splurge on expensive shoe trees when we have this much cheaper and more effective solution readily at hand.

Proper shoe care during winter includes not only routine cleaning of salt residue or mud but also correct storage. If you have constantly had to contend with problem of distorted boot uppers, bubble wrap can provide a permanent solution. You simply need to insert it into the unworn boot, which will preserve its shape. Putting more bubble wrap into the boots, ensures long-term protection.

What other benefits does bubble wrap provide?

After winter, there's no need to dispose of the bubble wrap; it can continue to serve in your shoes. It's worthwhile to begin with cleaning the boots thoroughly and treating them with a protective spray, then inserting the bubble wrap and storing them in a box. This ensures your shoes will be ready for the next season with no distortion to their shape and structure. Consequently, they will remain with you for many years, saving you money in the long run.

Likewise, bubble wrap could be used to stuff bags that often sag at the bottom of the closet. This is particularly beneficial for those made from delicate materials that can distort. Bags filled with bubble wrap will retain their shape, always ready for use. Bubble wrap also serves a purpose around the home, notably in the bottom drawers of the fridge. You can insert pieces of wrap into them before placing fruits and vegetables. This method can prevent potential damage.

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