FoodDiscover the best cheese for cheesecake

Discover the best cheese for cheesecake

What is the best curd cheese for cheesecake?
What is the best curd cheese for cheesecake?
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2:17 PM EST, December 8, 2023

In the busy period before Christmas, many are tempted to use store-bought cheese from a bucket to make their cheesecake. Is this type of cheese suitable for this popular holiday dessert? And why use it when we could easily grind curd cheese at home? We have answers to these questions!

Cheesecake is a universally loved dessert enjoyed not only during the warm summer months, when cold cheesecake is particularly refreshing but also in winter, especially during Christmas season. While other sweets can divide opinions, cheesecake is generally a crowd-pleaser; unless, of course, the contentious issue of adding raisins to the curd cheesecake arises.

Considering its popularity, cheesecake has become a common feature on many Polish Christmas Eve tables. Due to the demands of holiday cooking, many might ponder if using cheese from a bucket for cheesecake could save them some time and effort. Is that a good idea? And what is the best type of curd cheese for cheesecake anyway? Let's dive in.

There's only one top choice of curd cheese for cheesecake

Before we delve into the matter of bucket cheese, let's get one thing clear. The crowning choice of curd cheese for cheesecake is fresh and home-ground. Only this type will provide the ideal taste and consistency. As for the specific variant, full-fat or half-fat curd cheese is supreme. After acquiring it, comes the grinding process. Accomplished home bakers typically grind the curd cheese three times to achieve the perfect consistency.

Even the finest curd cheese can't save your cheesecake if..

As we've pointed out, while the type of curd cheese is a determinant in the quality of the cheesecake, it isn't the only factor that guarantees a perfectly baked, delectable cake. Curd cheese also needs to be properly processed. You can grind the cheese using a potato masher (for a small quantity of cheese), a meat grinder (preferably with small holes) or even a blender. The blender is especially useful in assuring a smooth consistency with no unwanted lumps.

The best curd cheese for cheesecake and cake will melt in your mouth.
The best curd cheese for cheesecake and cake will melt in your mouth.© Canva | ponce_photography

Cheese in a bucket: Advantages and drawbacks

For those short on time, bucket cheese presents an undeniable shortcut in creating a curd cheese for cheesecake. However, it's important to remember that it's just a substitute and often requires modification for texture. It's also worth noting that after draining out excess liquid—which is crucial to prevent the cheesecake from being ruined—the weight of the cheese is significantly reduced. Additionally, when using this type of cheese, it's smart to check the label. Any unnecessary additives (especially excess whey) can be detrimental to the cheesecake's taste and texture.

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