LifestyleDiscover surprising and practical uses for your used tea bags at home

Discover surprising and practical uses for your used tea bags at home

Never throw away tea bags.
Never throw away tea bags.
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12:57 PM EST, February 7, 2024, updated: 4:02 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Any tea enthusiast likely discards multiple used bags each day. Instead of tossing them immediately, it's beneficial to familiarize yourself with their alternate uses. It's remarkable what exhausted tea bags can be repurposed for, and the effects can be noticed virtually instantly. Give it a try, and you'll never want to revert to your old ways.

Post-brewing, Don't Discard. Reuse and Reap the Benefits

Interestingly, a used tea bag makes an excellent and practically free, yet incredibly effective air freshener. Wondering how to repurpose a spent tea bag for this? The answer lies in the following guide.

Start by allowing the used tea bag to dry out. Afterwards, position it on a radiator and observe the resultant effect. The warmth radiating from the heating unit will induce the dried tea to effuse a pleasing scent. But that's not all the repurposed tea bags can offer as an air freshener.

The bags do more than just releasing a pleasant aroma; they also serve to absorb unpleasant ones. Positioning a "refresher-absorber" on a bathroom or kitchen radiator helps to swiftly eliminate any disagreeable smells, yielding almost immediate results.

Versatile Applications. What Else Can Tea Bags Be Used For?

Many people are unaware that the benefits of used tea bags extend beyond freshening and odor absorbing. They also function admirably as a fertilizer for houseplants. All that's required is to sprinkle the contents of the bag around a plant in need of essential minerals and nutrients.

Tea can also assist in removing traces of burnt food from dishes. If you're struggling with such stains, simply immerse the soiled plates or bowls in hot water along with a few used tea bags. Let the dishes soak for several hours in this concoction. By this time, traces of grease should have vanished, and the burnt residues can be easily scrubbed away with a mere dish brush.

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