LifestyleDiscover 'Little Venice': Comacchio's irresistible charm and low prices

Discover 'Little Venice': Comacchio's irresistible charm and low prices

The town strikingly resembles Venice.
The town strikingly resembles Venice.
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Envision a town filled with colorful houses, intricate network of canals, and charming cafes. This isn't about the famed Venice, but rather, its smaller counterpart. The town referred to as "Little Venice" has become a favorite among tourists, primarily due to its substantially lower prices.

Located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy is a quaint town named Comacchio. Its picturesque canals and vibrant buildings led it to be christened "Little Venice" by the Italian periodical, "Italy Magazine."

The captivating allure of "Little Venice"

The unique structure of the town, built across 13 islands interconnected by bridges, along with its canals, bear a striking resemblance to the famous Venice. The architecture of both Italian sites is remarkably similar, characterized by multicolored houses lining the banks of the canals.

Despite its smaller size, Comacchio has a wealth of attractions for tourists. A casual stroll around town grants sights of historical bridges such as the Ponte Degli Sbirri, Ponte delle Carceri, and the 17th-century Trepponti. A noteworthy spot is the large, two-story Palazzo Bellini building that hosts an art gallery, the Museo Delta Antico museum, and the city library.

Comacchio boasts of a large fish market, known as the Pescheria, where fresh fish and seafood can be savored. A visit to a local café perfectly positioned to view the canals and bridges should be included on every visitor's itinerary.

Comparing Prices

One major advantage of Comacchio is its remarkably affordable prices compared to Venice. Central accommodation in this small Italian town could still be procured in December for around $51 per person. Conversely, in Venice, prices would start at $70, and finding an available room would prove to be a challenge given the high demand.

The climate of Comacchio should appeal to everyone.
The climate of Comacchio should appeal to everyone.© Adobe Stock | Guido_Parmiggiani
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