Tips&TricksDiscover how shaving foam could become your washing machine's new best friend

Discover how shaving foam could become your washing machine's new best friend

How to clean a washing machine?
How to clean a washing machine?
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11:47 AM EST, February 20, 2024

What should you use to clean a washing machine? Most might typically respond with vinegar, but many of us cannot tolerate the irritating smell it leaves for several hours after cleaning. Fortunately, we have a better solution to saturate your entire bathroom with a beautiful aroma. The best part? It's probably already sitting in your bathroom cabinet.

How can a clean washing machine prevent equipment failure?

Sometimes, the day arrives when the washing machine simply refuses to cooperate. It stops working, and you're left seeking professional assistance. More often than not, the issue doesn't lie within the machine itself but in its neglected interior. Many of us are unaware of proper washing machine cleaning techniques, which is a significant oversight. Accumulated dirt, hair, and detergent residue lead to blocked mechanics, later causing breakdowns and additional repair costs. The best solution is to routinely clean the washing machine from the inside using appropriate cleaning agents to wash away any dirt and contaminants from the machine's internal parts.

What can keep a washing machine clean?

The ultimate cleaning agent may be hiding in your husband's toiletry bag. We're talking about shaving foam, which cleans, provides care, and dissolves effortlessly with water. This product will not contaminate the washing machine but will maintain it properly. How can you utilize shaving foam to clean a washing machine? Lather on the drum and allow it to dry for a few minutes. Meanwhile, we can guide you on cleaning the machine's exterior to make it shine.

What can you clean the body and door of the washing machine with?

Since you've already styled the drum with shaving foam, it's time to attend to the machine's body. This area also requires regular cleaning. You need to apply some shaving foam to a soft cloth and polish the entire surface of the washing machine. Don't forget to clean the door and the glass too. Remove any excess foam with a damp cloth. At this stage, your machine will look brand new, filling the bathroom with a fresh scent.

The final step is to rinse the drum. Set the rinse program to the highest possible temperature. Adding other detergents is unnecessary, as the foam will handle all the dirt. After the cycle is complete, open the door and feel an intense burst of freshness from within the machine. Through this technique, you'll learn how to clean a washing machine thoroughly without needing harsh or expensive detergents that aren't skin-friendly. Shaving foam is perfect for this task.

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