LifestyleDiscover Cadiz: Spain's oldest city with rich flamenco heritage and eccentric charm

Discover Cadiz: Spain's oldest city with rich flamenco heritage and eccentric charm

Cadiz Coast, view of the cathedral
Cadiz Coast, view of the cathedral
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3:57 PM EST, January 22, 2024

Located on a peninsula that neatly separates Cadiz Bay from the Atlantic Ocean, Cadiz offers a distinct experience.

Embodying a maritime atmosphere, it boasts several urban markets where you can purchase exotic fruits and freshly-caught fish.

The narrow, cobblestone streets lend a unique air, where one might easily get lost. Thanks to Cadiz's semicircular peninsula layout, it's common to inadvertently loop back to your starting point, giving the city a quirky touch. To add to the eccentricity, it's not unusual to spot tents pitched on city beaches, home to hitchhikers or the homeless.

The city's oldest region is the District of Saint Mary, which dates back to the 15th century. When in Cadiz, be sure to visit the Roman Theatre from the first century BC, and the San Sebastián castle, once a city fortress.

Flamenco in Cadiz

Cadiz holds a rich flamenco heritage. It was here, in the District of Saint Mary, where the father of flamenco, Enrique de Mellizo, was born. This traditional Andalusian art form is seen and heard in various parts of the city. Performances - both planned and spontaneous - are a common sight in the district. Large events are frequent occurrences at the Pena Flamenco la Perla and the Taberna El Marques de Cadiz bar.

San Sebastián Castle
San Sebastián Castle© Adobe Stock | Tomasz Warszewski

Flamenco performances typically come with an admission fee (around $60) which usually includes dinner. Shows featuring only drinks, cost about $24.

Getting to Cadiz

Even though Cadiz has its own airport, Jerez de Frontiera (which isn't on the peninsula), there are no direct flights from Poland. You can, however, fly into Seville from Krakow and Warsaw, with additional options available via stopover flights from other cities. From Seville, Cadiz is easily accessible by local trains or buses.

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