Tips&TricksDiscover a TikTok hack for homemade liquid blush that will leave your skin radiant

Discover a TikTok hack for homemade liquid blush that will leave your skin radiant

The woman applies cosmetics to her face with a brush.
The woman applies cosmetics to her face with a brush.
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4:23 PM EST, January 17, 2024

A well-selected and properly applied blush adds glow to the skin, leading to a youthful and fresh look. It gives the impression of returning from a brisk winter walk. Social media is rife with various tricks on how to achieve an optimal effect with this cosmetic. Recently, a TikTok user shared an inexpensive and simple method to make homemade liquid blush that brightens your skin.

Tips on making your own blush

Blush is available in various forms, including powder, rock, stick, and liquid. The liquid form is thought to be the easiest to apply and often results in the most natural look. If you're keen to test this theory but wish to avoid spending dozens of dollars on a new cosmetic, consider making it yourself. TikToker @seananthonyv demonstrates how simple this process can be on his channel. His method, which mainly comprises cosmetic tricks, involves using rock blush and a bit of regular cream.

Steps to make liquid blush

Making your own liquid blush using Sean's method is a breeze. Scrape a little bit of the rock blush into the lid of the container (loose blush can also be used). Then, mix in a little face cream. Stir the mixture with your finger or a brush, and voila! You now have your homemade liquid blush ready to apply to your face. The result should be stunning.

What can be used in place of blush?

If you don't have any blush available, a lip liner will serve as an excellent substitute. This is a trick that our grandmothers successfully used and is still often recommended on TikTok. Just draw lines on your cheeks where the blush should be applied, then blend with foundation. Remember not to rub in the foundation, but rather dab it onto your cheeks along with the lip liner. This will give your cheeks a gentle blush.

Applying blush correctly

To achieve the desired effect from your blush, correct application is key. The method of application largely depends on the shape of your face. Proper application can also enhance facial contouring.

  • For those with an oval face, apply the blush on the cheekbones and sweep towards the hairline.
  • If you have a triangular face, apply blush in the middle of the cheekbone and blend in a circular motion.
  • For a round face, apply the blush below the cheekbones and sweep towards the ears.
  • Individuals with a square face should begin by applying blush on the cheekbone and then spreading the product towards the temples.
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