LifestyleDiscolouration in women's underwear: How an everyday physiological occurrence is often misunderstood

Discolouration in women's underwear: How an everyday physiological occurrence is often misunderstood

Panties discolored in the crotch worry many women.
Panties discolored in the crotch worry many women.
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2:33 PM EST, February 5, 2024, updated: 4:14 AM EST, March 7, 2024

It's common for light discolouration to appear on underwear after some time of use. This is seen as an alarming sign for many women - they speculate whether these traces could indicate a disease or poor personal hygiene. However, the cause is often much more innocuous.

Is discoloration in the crotch area of underwear a cause for concern?

Discoloration on underwear is a completely normal phenomenon. The London Vagina Museum highlighted this in a Facebook post, where they displayed a picture of underwear with this characteristic discolouration. The caption read, "Have you noticed lighter spots on your dark underwear? It's a completely normal occurrence! The vagina has an acidic pH level of 3.8-4.5. The acidity is strong enough to bleach the fabric. These spots are not blood or secretion stains - it’s the fabric being bleached by a perfectly healthy vagina."

This exhibition was shared as part of a planned display, and it quickly gathered a significant response. The post emphasized that these faded spots are not a sign of dirt or poor hygiene and it is entirely common for women to have them.

Internet users were quick to comment, with many expressing relief

The post garnered numerous reactions - likes, shares, and comments. One commenter wrote, "My mom passed away just before I hit womanhood, so when it started happening, I was scared because I had no idea if it was normal. I felt uncomfortable discussing it with my dad. It took me years to realize that it means my vagina is healthy."

Several other women commented, sharing their own experiences and gratitude for the information shared. "I once saw a guy making fun of his girlfriend's discolored underwear online. It was so embarrassing," one woman wrote. Another added, "My partner asked if I was bleaching my underwear, and I felt so ashamed." Many were simply grateful for the information, confessing, "Thanks for sharing this! I've always thought that something was wrong."

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