NewsDifficult situation of civilians in Gaza. There is a recording from the besieged city

Difficult situation of civilians in Gaza. There is a recording from the besieged city

Difficult situation of civilians in Gaza. There is a recording from the besieged city
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8:21 AM EDT, October 11, 2023

The situation in the Gaza Strip is becoming increasingly difficult. About 1055 people have already died in Israeli attacks, and nearly 5200 have been injured. Hospital staff are warning that necessary medications are running out. Meanwhile, the power plant will exhaust its fuel supplies within three hours.

As a result of retaliatory Israeli strikes, carried out since Saturday against targets of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza Strip, about 1055 people have already been killed and nearly 5,200 have been injured - reported Reuters, citing medical authorities in Gaza.

The number of injured arriving at hospitals all over the Gaza Strip is increasing and overwhelming. Services report that they are running out of essential medicines.

Before the bombings started, the healthcare system in Gaza was already on the brink of collapse due to the Israeli blockade. - Now it's only a matter of time before it completely collapses - reports an Al Jazeera journalist.

- Health officials tell us that Israel is blocking the import of medical supplies into Gaza. They told us that a humanitarian convoy from Egypt carrying medical supplies was threatened by an Israeli airstrike on Tuesday - she added.

Avril Benoit from the non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders warned that some medical facilities only have enough fuel for their generators for four days - CNN portal reported.

Problems with energy supply

There are also problems with the power supply throughout the Gaza Strip. Head of the Gaza Strip energy department, Jalal Ismail, announced that the power plant in Gaza will run out of fuel within three hours, as quoted by the BBC. The power plant is currently the only source of energy in Gaza.

On Monday, two days after the terrorist attack by Palestinian Hamas on Israel, the authorities of this country announced a total blockade of Gaza, including the cessation of energy, gas, food, and water supplies.

Even before the war, about 80 percent of the residents of the Gaza Strip were consistently receiving humanitarian aid, including food rations.

"Panic, wherever you look"

The British television has published a recording directly from the Gaza Strip. "Panic, wherever you look" - was written in a social media post.

The film shows the dramatic situation of civilians who got stuck in the Gaza Strip because they had nowhere to flee due to closed borders. After the Israeli bombings, there are many collapsed buildings. The survivors are walking through the rubble and trying to save whatever is left.

The European Union announces humanitarian aid

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday that the European Union's humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people is not up for discussion, but the EU must review financial assistance.

Also, the Commissioner for Crisis Management, Slovenian Janez Lenarczicz, assured that the humanitarian aid he is responsible for will be maintained "as long as it is needed".

"Although I strongly condemn the terrorist attack by Hamas, it is necessary to protect civilians and respect international humanitarian law" - he wrote on X social network.

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