NewsDid the devil possessed him? Uncontrolled burst of aggression

Did the devil possessed him? Uncontrolled burst of aggression

Norwegian hockey player Henrik Haukeland devastating his own stick.
Norwegian hockey player Henrik Haukeland devastating his own stick.
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1:28 PM EDT, October 15, 2023

An unusual situation occurred during a match of the highest level of entertainment in Germany. Düsseldorfer EG team goalkeeper Henrik Haukeland was so furious at the referee's decision that he vented his anger at the goal he was guarding. As a result of his thoughtless behavior, the son of former Polish representative Adam Borzęcki, Jakub, also indirectly suffered.

Professional athletes are constantly accompanied by intense emotions, yet not everyone can cope with them. The best example of this is the reaction of Norwegian hockey player Henrik Haukeland, who plays as a goalkeeper in the German Duesseldorfer EG.

In a German premier league (Penny DEL) match, Schwenninger Wild defeated the Duesseldorf team 5:2. In the 59th minute of the game, a farcical situation occurred, with the aforementioned Haukeland being the main character.

Schwenninger was leading 3:2 and pushed forward with another action on the goal guarded by Haukeland. After a few seconds the puck landed in the net, and the goal was recognized by the referees. The Norwegian goalkeeper did not agree with this decision, because moments earlier his goal had been displaced, which according to Haukeland should have resulted in the action being stopped and the goal annulled. However, the referees made a different decision. And then the Norwegian flew into a rage.

TV cameras accurately captured how Haukeland - a representative of Norway - heads towards his goal and begins to forcefully hit the boundary with his stick. The blows he dealt were so strong that the second one broke his stick. The Norwegian dealt another blow and turned towards the field of play. As you can easily guess, his behavior didn't go unnoticed by the referees, who punished the nervous Norwegian. You can see the entire incident in the video below (start at 3:40).

Schwenninger Wild Wings - Dusseldorf EG | Highlights PENNY DEL 23/24 | MAGENTA SPORT

And at this moment in this history, a Polish thread appears. The penalty that Haukeland received (according to the rules, the goalie cannot go to the penalty box), was served by Jakub Borzęcki. His father, Adam, was a hockey player for the Polish national team. The younger of the Borzęckis, however, chose a different path and represents Germany.

Haukeland soon also came off the ice. Given the unfavorable outcome, Düsseldorfer EG decided to withdraw their goalie to introduce an extra player and - playing five on five - increase their chances of scoring a contact goal.

Ultimately, this maneuver did not succeed. Schwenninger Wild stopped the guests' attack and launched a counter, which they finished with an accurate shot on an open goal. Haukeland's behavior certainly has the potential to become an internet viral.

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