NewsDid Russia give Hamas fighters weapons? This is how it wants to manipulate the West

Did Russia give Hamas fighters weapons? This is how it wants to manipulate the West

Shocking information. Is Russia using Hamas for its own purposes?
Shocking information. Is Russia using Hamas for its own purposes?
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1:07 PM EDT, October 9, 2023

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russians have given Hamas fighters weapons made in the USA and the EU, seized during military operations in Ukraine. Ukrainian services warn that Russia is preparing to discredit Ukraine in order to influence the allies' attitude towards supplying Western weapons.

According to information provided by Ukrainian services, Russia is using Hamas' attack on Israel to provoke large-scale against Ukraine. The main intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports that the Russian army has given fighters weapons obtained on the battlefield, manufactured in the USA and EU countries.

The next step, according to the Russians' plan, is supposed to be false accusations against the Ukrainian military for the alleged "regular sale of Western weapons to terrorists".

The provocations were planned as a series of "exposing publications" and "investigations" in western media - emphasizes the source of "Ukrainian Truth".

Russian special services reportedly intend to use in this context remarks from the traitor of the Ukrainian Border Service, senior lieutenant Ruslan Syrovoj, who recently fled to Moscow.

The provocation of the Russians is aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian armed forces and completely ceasing to provide Ukraine with military aid from Western partners. - Without Western help, Ukraine would survive a maximum of a week - said Vladimir Putin some time ago.

USA is helping Israel

In the face of a Palestinian Hamas attack on Israel, the United States will send more fighters to the Middle East to strengthen their position in the region - reports CNN, citing an American official familiar with military plans.

The aim of deploying additional forces is to prevent a potential attack from Iran or to ensure that the conflict does not spread beyond the borders of Israel.

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