EntertainmentDid Meghan Markle humiliate Kate Middleton? "She really didn't have her own career"

Did Meghan Markle humiliate Kate Middleton? "She really didn't have her own career"

Did Meghan Markle humiliate Kate Middleton? "She really didn't have her own career"
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Kamil Kozłowski
9:52 AM EST, December 4, 2023

It's widely acknowledged that the relationship between Meghan Markle and the Duchess Kate is highly strained. From the early stages of their acquaintance, speculation abounded about the less-than-warm reception that the wife of Prince William allegedly extended to the actress upon her entry into the royal family. It's purported that Markle once felt she should have "more of a right to speak."

The entrance of Meghan Markle into the British royal court divided royal family enthusiasts. While some felt it was high time for Prince Harry to settle down, others believe that the younger son of Diana and Charles should have redirected his affections. This sentiment is also purportedly held by Duchess Kate, who, it's said, is less than fond of her sister-in-law.

Meghan Markle’s Bid for Greater Influence in the Royal Family

A source within the royal circle has shared that friction between the women escalated when the "Suits" star allegedly began to aim her jabs at the Duchess of Cambridge.

Meghan saw herself as a self-made woman, whereas Kate didn't have her own career. Meghan felt she had more right to voice her opinions than her sister-in-law, who entered the family as a relatively unknown individual Meghan saw herself as a philanthropist who could teach the royal family about charity work, sharing a source by The Telegraph.

Prince Harry’s wife openly expresses her dissatisfaction with being continuously sidelined. Recent high-profile allegations, where Meghan pointed fingers over "racist behaviors", including speculations about the color of her son's skin, have only fanned the flames of controversy. In this context, both her sister-in-law and father-in-law were implicated.

This has certainly not endeared her to the British public who have largely remained unmoved by the actress's accusations. Kate and William continue to bask in high popularity and widespread public sympathy. They were recently given clear evidence of this.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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