NewsDid Israel commit war crimes? Lawyers present evidence

Did Israel commit war crimes? Lawyers present evidence

Did Israel commit war crimes? Lawyers have evidence.
Did Israel commit war crimes? Lawyers have evidence.
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3:24 PM EST, November 25, 2023

Lawyers from Turkey have proposed that Israel committed war crimes in the Gaza Strip. They have submitted evidence to the International Criminal Court (ICC), as reported by the newspaper "Daily Sabah".

The Istanbul-based lawyers presented, among other forms of evidence, photographs, and videos from the Anatolia agency that they argue document Israel's war crimes in the region.

The delegation, which includes Turkish legal experts such as Cuneyt Yuksel, the chairman of the parliamentary justice commission, and members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), issued a statement in The Hague.

Speaking outside the ICC headquarters, Yuksel highlighted the critical need to address the atrocities committed by the Israeli army, asserting that "no conscience can remain silent regarding this issue".

Yuksel claimed that, since October 7, when the Israeli armed forces retaliated against incursions by the Palestinian organization Hamas, over 15,000 innocent civilians have lost their lives. Yuksel said, "We are facing unimaginable cruelty."

"Every location where civilians gathered was a direct target of attacks. We are confronted with an appalling situation and horrendous hatred," he continued.

The Turkish parliament representative elaborated that though Israel is not a party to the ICC, Israeli officials could still be prosecuted due to the Palestinian Authority's recognition of the Tribunal's jurisdiction.

Mustafa Deniz, a member of the delegation, mentioned that the evidence incorporated for the ICC includes video recordings, photographs, and testimonies from witnesses and victims.

Middle East conflict: Turkish president's harsh words

In November, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused Tel Aviv of adhering to "terrorist state" methods. He warned that "if Israel continues its massacres in the Gaza Strip, it will be categorized as a terrorist state worldwide".

Erdoğan stressed that Turkey "will take steps to bring those responsible for the merciless slaughter of Gaza residents before international courts".

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