HealthDetoxify your body with this easy fiber treatment. Apples and seeds could unclog your veins

Detoxify your body with this easy fiber treatment. Apples and seeds could unclog your veins

How to cleanse the intestines?
How to cleanse the intestines?
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1:41 PM EST, January 12, 2024

This process can act as an effective detox, even capable of cleansing a smoker's lungs.

The primary ingredient for the fiber treatment is apples. This extremely popular fruit contains a high amount of pectins, recognized for their detoxifying properties. They can cleanse our intestines and lungs, making them a valuable addition to our daily diet. Pectins can inhibit cholesterol absorption, decreasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis. They also prevent constipation, which acts as a defense against colon cancer. Apples are also a source of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that bolsters immunity and protects from harmful free radicals. They also offer potassium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

The second ingredient for the fiber treatment is flaxseed. Rich in fiber, flaxseeds can speed up intestinal peristalsis and regulate bowel movements. Additionally, they can increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Flaxseeds may assist with digestive issues and provide relief for those coping with inflammatory bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease. Their compounds, such as flax lignans, offer protection against cancer. Interestingly, flaxseeds can also contribute to regulating blood sugar levels.

Our cleansing drink also introduces chia seeds – considered as one of the healthiest products globally. Regular consumption provides protection against cardiovascular diseases, helps lower triglyceride levels, supports proper brain function, and, thanks to the abundance of antioxidants – reduces the risk of cancer and slows the body's aging processes.

This treatment can help to "unclog" blocked veins. Even cardiologists vouch for its effectiveness.

The final ingredient of this mixture is water. To prepare this health-promoting elixir, cut the apple into small pieces (discard the seeds but keep the skin). Add a cup of water and blend. Incorporate chia seeds and flaxseed. Allow it to sit for about half an hour. After this time, stir the mixture thoroughly. Consume two tablespoons every morning before breakfast. The fiber mixture treatment should last three weeks.

Before you begin this treatment, always consult a doctor. You need to ensure that such high doses of fiber are suitable for your condition.

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