NewsDesertion in the Russian Army. Putin's Robust Response

Desertion in the Russian Army. Putin's Robust Response

Desertion in the Russian army. Putin is laying out money.
Desertion in the Russian army. Putin is laying out money.
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9:41 AM EST, November 21, 2023

It's well-known that Russian soldiers are commonly dispatched into the thick of battle, outfitted with inadequate training and equipment. Such shortcomings result in heavy casualties within the military, subsequently prompting an escalating trend of desertions among Russian soldiers. In response to such imperative challenges in warfare, Vladimir Putin has announced military conscription.

Oleksij Izhak, an expert from the National Institute of Strategic Studies, discussed with Channel 24 the Russian government's nonchalant stance towards its citizens, which he stated wasn't anything new. The only apprehension for the state, he suggested, was the possibility of widespread protests. Nonetheless, the Kremlin remains confident in its capability to execute its plans, given it continues to have adequate time and human resources.

The year 2024 holds significant implications for Russia for two reasons: The upcoming Presidential elections in Russia are scheduled for March, followed by the United States elections in November.

It becomes significant that, before the Russian elections, Vladimir Putin's military achieved some measure of success on the battleground. A ceasefire or Ukraine's surrender could be examples of this goal.

Additionally, the Russians need to transpose any potential ceasefire into the United States Presidential elections. It's their hope, amid the shifting geopolitical landscape, to legitimize their territorial conquests within the new international order, pointed out the expert from the National Institute for Strategic Studies.

Putin's Financial Inducements

Meanwhile, the groundwork for social revolt is slowly laying out in Russia, with the wives of mobilized soldiers, who have not returned home for over 20 months, organizing demonstrations demanding rotations at the front.

The Russian authorities seem equipped to suppress the protest movement, given their substantial funds set aside for military pay.

It appears that Vladimir Putin has effectively turned on his "money tap", disbursing "funeral" funds of significant amount, inducing people to accept the likelihood of losing a family member in exchange for financial support. This grim "lottery" sees families sending loved ones to the frontline, hoping for substantial sums in return, noted Oleksij Izhak.

It's important to highlight that Vladimir Putin's military remains undeterred and continues to mobilize additional troops to confront adversaries in Eastern Ukraine.

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