NewsDemolishing Russia's forces. A powerful footage from Avdiivka

Demolishing Russia's forces. A powerful footage from Avdiivka

Burning Russian infantry fighting vehicle
Burning Russian infantry fighting vehicle
Images source: © Telegram
7:59 AM EST, November 12, 2023

The fierce combat continues in the Donbas region, especially around Avdiivka. These events are vividly depicted in this video, where we can observe a Russian armored column being obliterated by Ukrainian forces.

The video was captured by soldiers from the 31st Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It shows a fraction of the skirmish that took place in fields surrounding Avdiivka. A column of Russian battle vehicles is shown immobilized, surrounded by infantry soldiers. A Ukrainian anti-tank missile strikes one of the vehicles, resulting in a remarkable explosion.

In the past few days, according to Ukrainian sources, Russians have increased their attacks on Avdiivka.

Russia's need for victory

On a recent Friday, Colonel Mart Vendla, the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces, informed the Estonian service ERR that the capture of Avdiivka is Russia's primary short-term objective.

"Capturing Avdiivka could from one perspective represent a political victory for Russia. It also holds practical value. The area is densely populated and acts as the gateway to Donetsk. Controlling it would allow for more efficient organization of logistics," the officer pointed out.

He simultaneously stressed that conquering Avdiivka is challenging, and both factions are currently suffering severe casualties. "Ukraine's defense is still operational," he added.

"It wouldn’t be right to disregard the possibility of Avdiivka falling. However, at this moment it seems they should be able to resist this pressure," he further clarified.

Vast losses for Putin's army

General Valeriy Zaluzhny, the commander-in-chief of the SZU, mentioned on a recent Friday the estimated casualties suffered by Russia during a month of fighting in Avdiivka.

"Our soldiers have destroyed over 100 enemy tanks, 250 other armored vehicles, approximately 50 artillery systems, and seven Su-25 aircraft. The total enemy casualties are estimated to be about 10,000," General Zaluzhny stated on Telegram.

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