LifestyleDemisexuals prioritize one concept significantly

Demisexuals prioritize one concept significantly

What is demisexuality?
What is demisexuality?
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5:18 PM EST, December 9, 2023

Demisexuality, though less known, is classified as a distinct sexual orientation. Often misunderstood to be synonymous with asexuality, it actually possesses unique characteristics. If it's not about the absence of fulfilling sexual needs, then what precisely is this phenomenon, commonly linked with asexuality, known as demisexuality?

The term demisexuality has only recently started gaining prominence. Many people may still not comprehend its exact implication. Demisexuality is a specified sexual orientation where the occurrence of sexual attraction is contingent on deeply forged emotional connections. For many individuals, this is not just a part of their sexual identity, but also a crucial factor in establishing wholesome relationships.

Understanding demisexuality

Individuals who classify themselves as demisexual generally do not instantly experience sexual attraction towards others—a contrast to those who prioritize physical attributes. For demisexuals, the development of profound emotional bonds, trust, and intimacy is crucial before any sexual attraction can come into play. Thus, physical allure tends to develop at a more advanced stage within the relationship, solidly founded on deep emotions and commitment.

Demisexuality differs from asexuality

There is a common misapprehension that demisexuality and asexuality are interchangeable. However, these concepts are inherently different. Asexuality might be described as a persistent trait, unaffected by "mood fluctuations, companionship, the quantity of alcohol consumed, or other circumstances".

One identifying as asexual doesn't experience desire, irrespective of the situation or other people's presence. Conversely, a demisexual only feels sexual attraction towards those with whom they share a profound bond. Their primary focus is the sentiment of intimacy with the other person, over and above physical appeal.

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