NewsDeluge in Dubai. City underwater as a year's rainfall hits in just one day

Deluge in Dubai. City underwater as a year's rainfall hits in just one day

Rainfall caused a huge flash flood in Dubai.
Rainfall caused a huge flash flood in Dubai.
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12:43 PM EDT, April 17, 2024

Heavy rains have caused a massive flash flood in Dubai, submerging the airport underwater. Commercial premises and homes have also been affected, with the roads transforming into rivers.

Heavy rains flooded Dubai. The International Airport in the UAE's largest city was hit hard by the floods, reports CNN. Videos circulating online depict airplanes attempting to navigate the flooded airport tarmac. Access roads, including the flagship carrier Emirates, were blocked, leading to airline delays. Budget airline Flydubai canceled all flights until 6:00 AM Eastern Time on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the city received about 4-5 inches of rain, roughly the amount Dubai receives over an entire year, reports the British newspaper Daily Mail. To manage the situation, city authorities dispatched tankers to pump out water, while meteorological services urged residents to take all precautions and stay away from flooded areas.

Roads without drainage leave Dubai unprepared

Rain in the United Arab Emirates typically falls intermittently during the cooler winter months. However, most roads and other areas lack adequate drainage to manage excess water, resulting in submerging streets. Social media have been flooded with videos of luxury cars struggling to navigate the waters.

According to CNN, the heavy rains hitting the region are a consequence of climate change and are expected to become more frequent. A storm front moving over the Arabian Peninsula is heading toward the Persian Gulf, with rainfall expected to subside in the next few days. Oman and Iran are also bracing for heavy rains.

Rainfall in the UAE's desert landscape is so rare that many areas lack the infrastructure to manage larger rainwater volumes. The country has not experienced rainfall as intense as the current one since records began in 1949, with 5.7 inches of rain falling in a single day. On average, the UAE records just 3.7 inches of rainfall annually.

Sources: CNN, Daily Mail

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