NewsDelayed arrival: U.S. military aid to Ukraine might miss the summer deadline

Delayed arrival: U.S. military aid to Ukraine might miss the summer deadline

Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the USA for support in the war with Russia.
Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the USA for support in the war with Russia.
Images source: © Getty Images | Bloomberg, Ting Shen

5:02 AM EDT, May 4, 2024

The New York Times reported that the delivery of military aid to Ukraine, including air defense systems, ammunition, and heavy equipment, might not be completed until summer. The process of sending military support is complex and time-consuming.

In April, President Joe Biden ratified a $95 billion aid package targeting Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, with Ukraine set to receive nearly $61 million in military equipment and weaponry.

The aid's delivery to Ukraine was delayed for months due to reluctance from Republicans in Congress to approve the package for Kyiv.

Immediate training

Despite President Biden's assertion that the U.S. would start dispatching equipment "within a few hours" of signing the aid bill, the reality is that the bulk of the equipment won't reach Ukraine until possibly the end of May or later. This initial dispatch included anti-tank missiles, rockets, and 155 mm ammunition.

The "NYT" learned from American officials, who wished to remain anonymous, that most weapons might not arrive in Ukraine until late May or even after. Analysts have also pointed out that Kyiv might take until the end of the year to stabilize the frontline situation. Though a significant breakthrough in the summer is possible, much depends on the Ukrainian soldiers' ability to master the new weaponry. In late April, 70 Ukrainian soldiers traveled to Germany for training on the Patriot system, an anti-aircraft and missile defense mechanism, mirroring the extensive nine-month training regime of the German air forces.

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