Tips&TricksDefeating dry lips: How a simple homemade remedy can offer superior relief this winter

Defeating dry lips: How a simple homemade remedy can offer superior relief this winter

The woman is applying cosmetics to her lips.
The woman is applying cosmetics to her lips.
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5:44 AM EST, February 23, 2024

Chapped and dry lips often hurt, an experience most of us would rather avoid. Elements like the wind, frequent lip-licking, and low temperatures contribute to our lips losing their allure, even when using expensive cosmetics. This issue can at times go beyond skin-deep. A deficiency of certain vitamins can manifest in the form of chapped lips. In such cases, revisiting our daily habits and preparing a homemade lip balm can be beneficial.

What can one use for chapped lips?

Those facing dry lips every season have likely pondered this question, and the solution is not always straightforward. Some may opt for moisturizing lipsticks or ointments, which only partially relieve the discomfort and offer some protection against environmental influences. More often than not, these products provide a short-lived effect, resulting in a deceptive improvement in the condition of the lips. The secret to achieving soft lips in winter involves not just hydration, but also, unexpectedly, exfoliation. Despite the skin on the lips being extremely thin, it is still essential to regularly exfoliate them.

Numerous expensive and inexpensive products on the market make bold claims. Unfortunately, aside from appealing labels and catchy advertising slogans, many of them have little else to benefit our lips and can sometimes aggravate their condition even more. That leaves us reluctant to shop more or waste money while the dry flakes on the lips persist. A practical and cost-effective solution is to prepare a homemade lip balm.

How does one make a homemade lip scrub?

Getting rid of dead skin through exfoliation is paramount for the care of the body, face, and lips. If you're contemplating using the same cosmetics for your lips as your body, it could be more detrimental than expected. The lip scrubs available at drugstores are often highly priced, are limited in quantity and often possess a strong chemical composition, all of which discourages one from buying them. In such cases, just two ingredients are all it takes to make your lips feel velvety.

Mixing 1 tablespoon of oil with 1 teaspoon of sugar can have a spectacular effect on chapped lips that need swift healing. This mixture not only exfoliates but also deeply hydrates your lips. All that's required is to massage this homemade scrub into your lips for a few minutes, rinse it off, and then apply a nourishing balm or oil. It won't be long before you observe the dry skin receding, and your lips looking significantly better.

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