Tips&TricksDefeat the post-shower chill with a two-towel trick: How thickness and heat make a difference

Defeat the post-shower chill with a two‑towel trick: How thickness and heat make a difference

The woman is drying herself with a towel.
The woman is drying herself with a towel.
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3:32 PM EST, January 11, 2024

Is there anything more rejuvenating than a long, hot shower at the end of a grueling day? The soothing warmth of the water relaxes our muscles, providing great respite. However, showering during winter comes with a catch. Upon leaving the shower, we quickly find our bodies enveloped in a chilly atmosphere.

If you are "always cold", and every end to a shower stint feels like a challenge, this two-towel trick is for you. We guarantee it will help you escape the cold, making each bath a delight.

Using two towels to combat post-shower chill

After a shower, our bodies are pretty warm. The cold air hits us when we step out, making us shiver. This problem mainly occurs when indoor temperatures are lower than usual during the colder months. Thankfully, a solution exists.

Briefly, this involves prepping the bathroom before your shower. Begin by cranking up the room's heat. Have a thick, cozy bathrobe ready, which will warm you up after you step out of the shower. About an hour before you get in, place your bathrobe and towels on a radiator to gently heat them. The warm fabric, against your warm body, will prevent any rapid cooling.

Upon finishing your shower, reach for the two towels. Use the first one to dry your body and the second for your hair. Use quick, brisk movements while drying your body for added warmth. Carefully blot your hair with the second one – refrain from rubbing it. Rough handling of your hair with a coarse towel can lead to noticeable damage. After you're dry, remember to dry the towels as well. Spread them flat on the radiator, leaving them to dry thoroughly.

The importance of a towel's thickness

It may be time to rethink if you've been using thin, delicate towels. Thin towels absorb a lot of water, eventually becoming thoroughly wet. These types of towels are not only uncomfortable but also ineffective. Consider investing in thick, cotton towels for a rapid and efficient drying experience. You'll notice the difference immediately after the initial use, especially if you have long, thick hair.

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