News"Defeat for Putin". Black Sea Fleet withdrawn from Sevastopol

"Defeat for Putin". Black Sea Fleet withdrawn from Sevastopol

"Defeat for Putin". Black Sea Fleet withdrawn from Sevastopol
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1:33 PM EDT, October 5, 2023, updated: 1:58 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

Russia has decided to withdraw most of its Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol and relocate them to other bases in Crimea and Russia, reports the "Wall Street Journal". This is confirmed by the words of Western officials and satellite images. This decision is a direct result of Ukrainian attacks on Crimea.

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The "Wall Street Journal" reports that Russia has decided to move all three of its Kilo-class submarines, two missile frigates, and one patrol ship from its main base to Novorossiysk. The remaining units, including the landing ship, several smaller missile ships and new minesweepers have been relocated to Theodosia in Crimea. According to analysts quoted by the newspaper, these new locations may provide better protection for Russian ships.

The relocation of ships can be seen in satellite images of ports in Novorossiysk and Theodosia.

According to "WSJ", this decision is of symbolic significance and is a remarkable defeat for Vladimir Putin. It is the direct result of a series of Ukrainian strikes, which led to the destruction of two Russian ships and the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. The newspaper quotes the words of the British Deputy Minister of Defense, James Heappey, who during the Warsaw Security Forum conference described the relocation of the ships as a "functional defeat" of the Russian fleet. However, he emphasized that this does not mean that the Russians will not be able to continue launching missiles from the Black Sea.

Mikhail Barabanov, a Russian maritime analyst, stated that the main factor influencing this decision is the fact that, until now, the West has forbidden Ukraine from using Western weapons for strikes within the borders of the Russian Federation since 2014. However, the "WSJ" emphasizes that Ukraine carried out an attack on Novorossiysk, using their own drones.

Another expert, Yoruk Isik from the consulting firm Bosphorus Observer, noted that satellite images show that in Theodosia, the Russians have secured access to the port, deploying nets and barges. According to him, this is evidence of Moscow's fears of further attacks on its ships.

The spokesperson for the Ukrainian forces in the south of the country, Natalia Humeniuk, informed on Wednesday that as a result of Ukrainian strikes, Russian warships have not been approaching the shores of Ukraine controlled by the authorities in Kiev for some time. She added that enemy units remain active at least 100 nautical miles away.

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