LifestyleDecoding men: Are they seeking love or one-night stand in the digital dating world?

Decoding men: Are they seeking love or one‑night stand in the digital dating world?

How can you tell that a dater is looking for a one-night stand?
How can you tell that a dater is looking for a one-night stand?
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4:05 AM EST, February 1, 2024, updated: 4:34 AM EST, March 7, 2024

A lot of women assert that dating nowadays is incredibly difficult, and finding a life partner is even more challenging. It is someone who yearns for an actual relationship, not a fleeting distraction that ends as rapidly as it began. Do all men - especially those encountered through dating websites - have only one interest and no intention of commitment? A journalist from the website decided to delve into this.

Fearful he's only after one thing? Keep this in mind

Through her conversations with a diverse set of men, Jane Stokes deduced a few conclusions. During her consultations, she came across an opinion that women form their perspective on a potential partner largely based on their past negative experiences.

"Certainly, there exists a sect of men who only desire sex, but there are also women of this kind. Primarily, at our core, each one of us is seeking love, but the approach to the subject may differ. Nonetheless, asserting that men only want one thing is as offensive as declaring that women simply want access to their husbands' credit cards" - one of Stokes' interviewees shared.

Besides stereotypical thought processes, the men who shared their insights with the journalist pointed out that numerous women do not articulate what they genuinely want.

"If your motive is a long-term relationship, express it! Include this upfront in your dating profile" - another anonymous interviewee emphasized.

Men's clear intentions ought to be discussed at the onset, during the first encounter, to prevent any misunderstandings.

"Love and desire are distinct"

During her interviews, the journalist discovered that men perceive that women have an entirely unique interpretation of what love truly implies. The men who spoke with Stokes stated that they do not link love and sex, and view these aspects distinctly.

"At times, men that are seeking sex are willing to simulate a relationship with a woman they hold no interest in. Once they obtain what they desire, any attraction vanishes and they simply pull away, which can leave a woman significantly hurt" - an anonymous interviewee confessed.

Regrettably, the men themselves confessed that some people in the dating scene are simply manipulating women. They dangle the prospect of a relationship as they understand that it is appealing to women.

"Sex represents something different for us. It's not easy for men to find a one-night stand if they candidly express what they seek. Hence comes the manipulation. Women never resort to such tactics" - the journalist was informed.

Are you noticing these signs? Exercise caution

As a final point, the author of the article cautioned dating women to attend to certain indicators. Does the man appear insistent or even forceful during a conversation or on a date? It's crucial to be mindful of our feelings. If his remarks seem too assertive, there's a possibility that we are dealing with a manipulator.

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