LifestyleDecoding dreams about the deceased: How they guide our life changes

Decoding dreams about the deceased: How they guide our life changes

Dreams about the deceased always mean something.
Dreams about the deceased always mean something.
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9:17 AM EST, January 28, 2024, updated: 4:45 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Dreams about the deceased are not random and can provide valuable insights, argues researcher Layne Dalfen in her article on the 'Psychology Today website. Dalfen, a dream analyst for over 40 years, is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and a long-term lecturer at Concordia University in Montreal.

Understanding the Meaning of Dreams About the Deceased

Dalfen explains the significance of dreams about the deceased using the example of a woman named Laura, who dreamt of her sister, who passed away several years ago. In her dream, Laura found herself in a comforting room where she lived or intended to live. She sat in a corner, removing cobwebs and spiders without any fear. Laura's sister also appeared in this dream.

Although Laura admits their relationship wasn't smooth and couldn't be mended, they both appeared relaxed and chatted in the dream. “When I woke up, I felt her presence so profoundly. It felt real. And it was really comforting to spend time with her this way," she reminisced.

Dalfen asked Laura if she ever felt in control of her life. Laura responded in uncertainty. "You would know if you had it," Dalfen replied, then inquired, "Do you now feel as if you're in a new space?" explaining that it could symbolize a fresh outlook on life.

Laura mentioned plans for living room renovation but felt the dream had a deeper significance. She revealed a recent encounter with a woman who she spoke to extensively about communication and job change. "Thanks to these conversations, I felt that I needed to clean my mind of cobwebs," Laura acknowledged.

Dreams about the Deceased Aren't Random

Dalfen enlightened, "When Laura tentatively awaits significant life changes, she resists like many individuals. Her dream about her sister introduced a comforting effect, which might assist in her progression, whilst reminding her of the characteristics her sister possessed that can aid her journey," as mentioned in 'Psychology Today.' The expert also pointed out that "the solution to a predicament always resides in the dream" - which might not always be straightforward but can be disclosed through various hints.

Dalfen believes that dreams about death and the deceased "can open a window to another realm and reveal our inner worlds." She emphasizes the importance of asking the correct questions, focusing on the details of the dream, and remaining open to interpretations.

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