NewsDecoding dishwashing. The color of your sponge could be damaging your dishes

Decoding dishwashing. The color of your sponge could be damaging your dishes

The color of the dishwashing sponge is crucial.
The color of the dishwashing sponge is crucial.
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8:21 AM EST, December 15, 2023

Dishwashing sponges fulfill different functions, and their colors indicate what those functions are. Not paying heed to this could result in damaging your dishes. In selecting a sponge, caution should be advised to prevent scratching certain dishware.

Understanding the color codes of dishwashing sponges

"There are several colors of dishwashing sponges, and their colors determine whether they are suited for heavy-duty or light washing tasks," we learn from the website. The toughest sponge that can tackle the most stubborn grime is the green one. However, one should be cautious when using it on delicate dishes as it might scratch them.

The next level down in firmness is the red sponge. It is gentler on dishes than the aforementioned green one and does minimal damage to surfaces. It's worth noting, however, that certain dishware like wine glasses or porcelain requires extra care during washing.

Yellow or blue sponges are the most suitable for such delicate dishes. The yellow sponge is excellent for washing items like wine glasses or mugs, and thoroughly cleaning without scratching surfaces.

The best sponge for highly delicate porcelain, however, is the blue sponge. Why? It is the softest of them all and inflicts the least scratches on our precious dishware. It is also the ideal choice for washing pans where a hard scrub is needed. By using softer sponges, we further ensure that pans retain their condition much longer.

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