HealthDebunking the myth. Can healthy coffee on an empty stomach have an effect on health?

Debunking the myth. Can healthy coffee on an empty stomach have an effect on health?

Can you drink coffee on an empty stomach?
Can you drink coffee on an empty stomach?
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4:57 PM EST, January 16, 2024

Black coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine, which stimulates the body, fights fatigue, and enhances concentration. It also reduces histamine levels and dilates the bronchi simultaneously.

A cup of black coffee provides numerous antioxidants, acting as an anti-aging agent, reducing the risk of developing ailments like type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, Parkinson's disease, or Alzheimer's. It also alleviates oxidative stress and improves intestinal peristalsis, aiding weight control.

It's important to note that these benefits apply only to coffee that is free from sugar or milk and is not consumed excessively. Consuming too much coffee, i.e., more than four cups, can elevate blood pressure and cause dehydration.

Coffee: Not Suitable for Everyone?

Since the 1970s, scientists have been exploring this subject with no evidence supporting the popular media theory that coffee harms the health of the intestines and stomach.

However, some individuals find drinking coffee triggering irritation and headaches. This discomfort isn't due to the coffee itself, but rather due to insufficient activity of the liver enzyme cytochrome P450 (isoenzyme 1A2).

This leads to slower caffeine metabolism, causing it to linger in the blood for extended periods, resulting in side effects. While this is usually a genetic trait, medications, and age can also influence it.

Some people, particularly those with inflammation of the gastric mucosa or stomach ulcers, may experience adverse side effects from drinking coffee, especially on an empty stomach. For them, coffee can cause considerable temporary discomfort in their digestive system.

The stance of the American Gastroenterological Society on this issue shouldn't be surprising then. They believe coffee, even consumed on an empty stomach, is safe for healthy individuals, whose stomachs naturally have various ways to protect against irritants.

However, those with the stomach above issues should exercise caution when incorporating coffee into their diet.

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