LifestyleDebate sparked by TikToker's theory: Potential partner's bedding color as relationship red flag

Debate sparked by TikToker's theory: Potential partner's bedding color as relationship red flag

This color of the bedding in the man's bedroom is a warning sign.
This color of the bedding in the man's bedroom is a warning sign.
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12:39 PM EST, February 10, 2024

Mary Beth Barone, an American actress, shared her surprising theory with internet users. She postulated that a specific color of a man's bedding signifies a warning sign. This theory rapidly gained traction on social media platforms. Is there any merit to this? Many female TikTok users appear to agree.

The actress gives a candid opinion about which color bedding is a bad sign

Mary Beth Barone noted that her personal experiences validate this theory. According to her, navy blue bedding in a man's bedroom is a "red flag". She maintains that the owners of such bedding typically aren't interested in long-term relationships but rather seek transient romances. She didn't stop there with her conclusions.

"Everyone appears immature and prefers non-committal relationships. Men think that dark bedding needs less washing. A lowered necessity for washing could indicate a general lack of care and interest," said Barone.

Women are certain. These men should be avoided

The celebrity's theory was backed by many female TikTok users. The hashtag "navy sheets" has gained immense popularity on this platform. Surprisingly, many internet users concurred with the actress's viewpoint. However, her theory was not well received by the male users, who jestingly dismissed the "prophesy" derived from bedding color.

Meanwhile, some are discarding their navy blue bedding and meticulously documenting the entire process on social media. Of course, some received the theory with a healthy dose of skepticism.

"That moment when I, as the wife, am the one who chooses navy blue bedding,"
"I'm a woman, and I have such bedding. Is that a problem?" These are some of the responses found under one of the videos posted on TikTok.
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