NewsDeadly shootout in Noginsk: Officer killed in drug dealer pursuit

Deadly shootout in Noginsk: Officer killed in drug dealer pursuit

Tragic attack on policemen in Russia. There is a fatal victim.
Tragic attack on policemen in Russia. There is a fatal victim.
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6:16 AM EDT, April 8, 2024

In the Noginsk district of the Moscow region, an attack on police officers occurred. According to the TASS agency, one officer was killed, and another was critically injured in the intensive care unit. The assailant, a drug dealer, managed to flee the scene on a motorcycle.

The Russian Ministry of the Interior reported that two officers were engaging in an operation to apprehend a drug dealer.

The "112" Telegram channel highlights that in the Chernogolovka area, two officers were surveilling a drug hoard, hoping to capture the criminal. The confrontation escalated when the suspect opened fire with a pistol as they attempted to apprehend him.

As per the TASS agency's report, the altercation resulted in one officer dead and another critically wounded. The drug dealer eluded capture on a motorcycle.

Based on accounts from Russian media, citing a police-associated source, the "Siren" emergency plan was activated in response. This protocol was last used following a terrorist incident at Crocus City Hall.

Terrorist Attack in Moscow

Recalling the events of March 22 at Crocus City Hall, terrorists launched an assault during a concert. They opened fire and detonated explosives, leading to a fire and the subsequent collapse of the building's roof.

The Moscow department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations disclosed last Saturday that the tragedy resulted in 144 deaths and 551 injuries.

The Islamic State Khorasan Province claimed responsibility for the attacks. This group represents the Afghan faction of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS).

In the aftermath, panic spread, touching even governmental ranks. On March 29, the human rights initiative "First Department" reported that a comprehensive operation to identify and deport illegal foreigners was underway in St. Petersburg, intensifying law enforcement activities.

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