NewsDeadly landslide in Bolivia leaves dozens homeless amid extreme rainfall

Deadly landslide in Bolivia leaves dozens homeless amid extreme rainfall

A violent landslide occurred in western Bolivia.
A violent landslide occurred in western Bolivia.
Images source: © Reuters

8:30 AM EST, February 18, 2024

The incident unfolded on Friday night on the outskirts of La Paz, the country's capital. This disastrous landslide adversely impacted many residents in this region of western Bolivia.

Local media reported that homes were destroyed, and three lives were lost in the disaster - a woman and two children.

According to Reuters, roughly 60 families were left without a home in the aftermath of this calamitous event. Several buildings were heavily damaged, with some completely eradicated due to the horrific impact of the landslide.

Currently, the Western region of Bolivia is being battered by intense, record-breaking rainfall. It is these conditions that triggered this devastating landslide.

The video recorder at the scene revealed the extensive damage, including vast amounts of mud blanketing houses.

Landslides of a similar magnitude have plagued Bolivia previously. In February 2022, severe rainfall affected more than 60,000 families. This earlier tragedy also took place near La Paz.

Residents watched in horror as mud swallowed up their neighbors' and families' homes at that time.

Similar landslides were reported from the southern part of the country, specifically in the Chuquisaca department, in the municipality of Tumpeca.

The risk of more landslides persists, as Bolivia continues to experience heavy rainfall.

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