NewsDeadly Halloween shooting in Tampa. Two casualties confirmed

Deadly Halloween shooting in Tampa. Two casualties confirmed

Shooting in the USA
Shooting in the USA
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10:39 AM EDT, October 29, 2023

A shooting during Halloween celebrations resulted in two fatalities and 18 injuries. One suspect has since surrendered to the police.

According to a report by the Associated Press on Sunday, a Halloween celebration took a tragic turn when a shooting occurred in Tampa, Florida. The incident claimed the lives of two individuals and left 18 others wounded.

Online video footage reveals the terrifying moment the sound of gunshots rang out, leading to people fleeing in panic. The incident was captured as one of the party attendees was live-streaming the event.

Arriving on the scene just before 3 AM local time, officers found that the shooting had occurred in a lively district populated with bars and clubs, as reported by Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw during a media briefing.

Suspect surrenders to police

Bercaw disclosed that the shooting arose from a dispute between two groups, during which firearms were brandished. Hundreds of people were present in the vicinity, partaking in Halloween celebrations at the time.

The Police Chief announced that one of the suspects had surrendered, but investigators suspect at least two individuals were involved in the incident.

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