NewsDavid Cameron returns, shocks UK with "Father of Brexit" comeback nomination

David Cameron returns, shocks UK with "Father of Brexit" comeback nomination

Former Prime Minister David Cameron, associated with Brexit, returns to the government in London.
Former Prime Minister David Cameron, associated with Brexit, returns to the government in London.
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4:41 PM EST, November 13, 2023

In an unexpected shift within the UK government, former prime minister, David Cameron, has been appointed to replace Suella Braverman as Foreign Minister. Cameron, often linked to Brexit, resigned from his post as prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party in 2016, simultaneously relinquishing his mandate as a Member of Parliament.

Rishi Sunak's decision to appoint Cameron to a ministerial role has surprised the public. Some recalled the deflated exit of the politician following the announcement of the Brexit referendum results, where public opinion turned towards UK withdrawal from the European Union.

It's worth noting that Cameron encouraged the initial referendum discussion in 2013 over the UK's presence in the European Community, despite his continuous advocacies for London's stay within EU structures.

With most Britons voting for an EU departure in the 2016 referendum, Cameron declared his intent to step down as Conservative Party leader upon electing his successor. His argument was that Brexit negotiations should commence under the auspices of a fresh prime ministerial reign.

Following Theresa May's ascension as Conservative leader, Cameron resigned from his governmental post and vacated his parliamentary mandate. However, he became a life peer in the House of Lords, keeping the door ajar for a potential return to governmental roles. Rishi Sunak capitalized on this, reinstating Cameron amidst significant governmental changes to alleviate the issues plaguing the Conservative Party.

According to Politico, Cameron's resurgence in a top-tier governmental position on Monday triggered shockwaves in both Westminster and his own party. In a statement released post-nomination, Cameron expressed his readiness to aid the Prime Minister in strengthening relationships with European and worldwide partners.

Foreign Ministry Welcomes David Cameron's Return

"While there may be disagreements with certain decisions, I see Rishi Sunak as a strong and capable prime minister leading exemplarily in challenging times. I commit to aiding him in ensuring our country's safety and prosperity, and to becoming part of the strongest possible team serving the UK - a team that can stand proudly at the forthcoming general elections," Cameron added.

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