NewsDanish royal baton shift: Queen Margrethe II abdicates, crowning famous successor couple

Danish royal baton shift: Queen Margrethe II abdicates, crowning famous successor couple

Duchess Maria and Crown Prince Frederick
Duchess Maria and Crown Prince Frederick
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4:27 AM EST, January 13, 2024

Queen Margrethe II's eldest son, who's now 83, will be proclaimed King Frederick X on Sunday, states Reuters. Seating by his side will be Queen Mary, aged 51. The former director of marketing and advertising from Australia is justifiably the worldwide media's favorite. Indeed, she may well outshine her husband in terms of popularity

Princess Mary earned the admiration of Danes rapidly by learning their language just mere months upon her arrival in Denmark. She has been an active advocate of several organizations working towards the rights of children and women, while also promoting sustainable fashion. According to a recent survey following Queen Margrethe II's abdication announcement, a whopping 82% of Danes are confident that Frederik will be competent in his new role, reports Reuters. His wife Mary, however, garners even greater support with a faith-inspiring 86% belief in her capabilities.

The couple's ascent to the throne comes with widespread public backing. Mary and Frederik got acquainted during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, later marrying in Copenhagen in 2004. They now have four children. The incoming royal pair, recognized for their progressive stance, have been active participants in tackling environmental issues, public health, and women's rights.

Prince Frederik practices and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. He conducts the immensely popular annual running event, the Royal Run. "This is their approach to modernizing the monarchy and ensuring its relevance to future generations," says Danish monarchy commentator Jacob Steen Olsen in a quote from Reuters.

Source: Reuters

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