EntertainmentDangerous situation at training. Dogs chased after the Olympic champion

Dangerous situation at training. Dogs chased after the Olympic champion

In the photo: Johannes Klaebo
In the photo: Johannes Klaebo
Images source: © Instagram, Pexels

9:38 AM EDT, October 22, 2023

Johannes Klaebo is preparing for the new season in cross-country skiing, and one of the stages of these preparations took place in the US. There the Norwegian had an unpleasant encounter.

Johannes Klaebo, winner of seven Olympic medals and considered one of the best cross-country skiers in the world, recently shared his unusual adventures during training in the USA.

American dogs clearly don't know what cross-country skiing is, and for them, a person with poles and on wheels is some kind of monster. Seeing me, they aggressively lunged, but not at me, they just bit the poles and roller skis like crazy.

It's interesting that the dogs attacking the runner were led by their owners. As Klaebo explains, they were not aggressive or stray animals.

The owners apologized to me, and the dogs calmed down after sniffing around. We came to the conclusion that a sight like me on roller skis, waving sticks, instills terror in dogs and they automatically defend themselves by attacking - he explained.

A 26-year-old athlete from Norway not only has Olympic medals to his credit, but also nine world championship gold medals and four World Cup wins.

Coming up in a month, the new World Cup ski race season will commence. The inauguration will traditionally take place in Ruka, Finland and will happen precisely on November 24. Klaebo will surely be one of the favorites and standout figures during the upcoming season.

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