LifestyleDangerous fashion: What not to wear on a plane according to experts

Dangerous fashion: What not to wear on a plane according to experts

Leggings for the airplane is not a good idea.
Leggings for the airplane is not a good idea.
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4:03 PM EDT, June 10, 2024

What to wear on a plane bothers many people. Some prioritize comfort, while others are often forced to wear an outfit suitable for the circumstances they will find themselves in after landing. One thing is certain: there are things you absolutely should not wear on a plane.

Christine Negroni, author of the book "The Crash Detectives" about the most mysterious aviation disasters in the world, revealed that there is something women particularly often wear without knowing the consequences.

Do not wear these on a plane

Her analysis shows that leggings are not a good idea for air travel. By reviewing in detail the passengers who were on board planes that crashed, she found evidence that leggings can leave terrible scars if the plane we are traveling on goes up in flames.

The American writer explained that it’s about the material leggings are made of, which can lead to disaster in contact with fire. "Nowadays, everyone also wears yoga pants on planes, but I beg you to avoid all synthetic fibers because in the event of a fire, they are more prone to burning and sticking to the body," she said in an interview with Sun Online Travel. "I would advise wearing cotton clothes or anything made of natural fibers."

Forget about shorts on the plane

Flight attendants with many years of experience often warn against wearing shorts on planes because the seats are not cleaned regularly. They also recommend not wearing pajamas unless the airline provides them on long-haul flights.

"Pajamas should stay in your suitcase. Instead, wear loose, comfortable pants with an elastic band on board," said Susan Fogwell, a former flight attendant, in an interview with "Travel & Leisure."

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