NewsDagestan supported Palestine. Russian police responded quickly

Dagestan supported Palestine. Russian police responded quickly

Dagestan supports Palestine. Quick police response (illustrative photo)
Dagestan supports Palestine. Quick police response (illustrative photo)

8:13 AM EDT, October 18, 2023

In the capital of Dagestan - Makhachkala, dozens of people appeared at a rally in support of Palestine. However, the Russian police didn't like the support rally and quickly quelled the gathering. The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on since Saturday, October 7.

The conflict in Israel has been going on for years, however, no one expected the recent strong attack from Hamas. On October 7th, the fundamentalist political-military Palestinian organization launched thousands of rockets and began bombing Israeli cities. The militants also broke into small towns, where they killed and kidnapped residents

Since October 7, numerous support actions for Israel have taken place in many countries, but often at the same time nearby are groups of people with Palestinian flags. In some countries, actions supporting Hamas are dispersed by police officers.

The same was the case in the capital of Dagestan - Makhachkala. As reported by Belsat TV, dozens of people appeared at a rally in support of Palestine.

The Russian police did not like this, and immediately dispersed the gathered. It's worth noting that this region of the Russian Federation is mainly inhabited by Muslims.

The behavior of the Russian police is in line with the Russian propaganda narrative. Vladimir Solovyov on the Rossija 1 channel stated a few days ago that the situation with Israel is strikingly similar to Ukraine and compared this country to Hamas.

Attack on the hospital in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli military issued a statement after the attack on a hospital in the Gaza Strip. The statement said that "based on IDF system analysis" it was confirmed that a missile was fired, which flew near the hospital. This information was also confirmed by the Israeli prime minister.

The head of the Israeli government noted that intelligence sources confirm that the Islamic Jihad is responsible for the attack.

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