LifestyleCzech soccer star Patrik Schick's sister Kristyna: A successful model and catch of Leonardo DiCaprio

Czech soccer star Patrik Schick's sister Kristyna: A successful model and catch of Leonardo DiCaprio

Kristyna Schickova
Kristyna Schickova
Images source: © Instagram | kristynaschickova
1:55 PM EST, February 10, 2024

Soccer fascinates audiences worldwide, and it's not just the game that captivates fans. The players' private lives, including the careers of their partners or spouses, often draw particular interest.

Take, for example, the situation in the Czech Republic. Patrik Schick, one of the country's most popular and outstanding soccer players, is a national representative and a regular player for Bayer Leverkusen. The media is also intrigued by another woman from his family - his sister, Kristyna, who is not a WAG but plays a significant role in the player's life.

Who is the sister of the leading Czech soccer player?

Kristyna Schickova is not only a loyal soccer enthusiast and supporter of her brother, but she's also a successful model. In 2013, she achieved a spot in the finals of the Miss Czech competition.

At one stage, Kristyna caught the eye of Hollywood A-lister, Leonardo DiCaprio. In an interview with LP Life, she admitted that he had invited her to dinner and behaved in a "gallant" manner.

"He asked about various things. I was pleased to meet him, but whenever I mention dining with him, no one believes me," she added.

Kristyna Schickova - Private Life

Kristyna is highly active on social media, particularly Instagram, where 93k people follow her. Her followers enjoy both the results of various photoshoots and accounts of her many travels. Pictures featuring her brother frequently appear on her profile.

In 2019, Kristyna married Lukas Tresnak, a professional architect. The couple is raising two sons, Eliot and Liam. Proud mother Kristyna often posts family pictures on her social media platforms.

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