NewsCzech Republic boosts military aid for Ukraine as war with Russia prolongs, warns of not immediate end

Czech Republic boosts military aid for Ukraine as war with Russia prolongs, warns of not immediate end

When is the end of the war? Alarming words of the Czech president
When is the end of the war? Alarming words of the Czech president
Images source: © PAP | Katerina Sulova
6:03 AM EST, February 24, 2024

Ukraine at War: Stay Updated with the Latest Live Updates

As a former chairman of NATO's Military Committee, Pavel cautioned against fostering expectations for a speedy conclusion to the war.

"Our ongoing goal should be for Ukraine to regain full sovereignty over all its territory, that is, to restore the borders recognized by the international community," the president expressed. At the same time, he urged realism regarding the pace of achieving these goals.

He further clarified that "our concern is not for Russia to lose as a nation, or to experience any disintegration. Our hope is for Russia to return to respecting international law, withdraw its forces from Ukraine, and allow it to function as an independent and sovereign state," Pavel stated.

Western Countries Rally to Support Ukraine

EU ambassadors based in Prague affirmed their commitment to supporting Ukraine until victory is achieved. They purchased portable anti-drone EDM4S SkyWiper weapons using their personal funds.

Ambassador RP Mateusz Gniazdowski relayed to PAP that EU diplomats have previously provided similar assistance to Ukraine. On the first anniversary of the war's onset, a power generator was bought using private donations.

"This demonstrates unity among the diplomatic corps of EU countries accredited in Prague. Members have involved themselves in an initiative that extends beyond standard diplomatic actions," said the Polish ambassador. He highlighted the role of the Lithuanian ambassador, who made contact with the equipment manufacturer and organized the entire initiative.

On the eve of the second anniversary of Russian aggression towards Ukraine, the Ceska Zbrojovka company disclosed the signing of a contract with a Ukrainian partner. The contract provides for the supply of all parts for CZ BREN semi-automatic rifles. Czech Defense Minister Jana Czernochova also confirmed her country spearheads an initiative aimed at raising 1.5 billion dollars for the purchase of artillery ammunition for Ukraine, which can be procured outside EU countries.

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