NewsCzech President warns Europe: Prepare for potential Trump-Putin pact post U.S. elections

Czech President warns Europe: Prepare for potential Trump-Putin pact post U.S. elections

Petr Pavel
Petr Pavel
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5:22 AM EST, January 31, 2024, updated: 4:37 AM EST, March 7, 2024

- This is not about undermining transatlantic relations or questioning the United States as an ally, but rather, we should realistically accept that Donald Trump may see many things differently - stated Petr Pavel, the president of the Czech Republic, on Monday. He also holds the positions of army general, former Chief of the Czech Armed Forces General Staff, and chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

Possible Trump-Putin Deal

Pavel believes it's entirely valid to consider the possibility that Trump may win the election and swiftly forge an agreement with Vladimir Putin. Such an arrangement may not favor Europe and Ukraine. - In this scenario, we will be confronted with a fait accompli that we will need to manage - he surmised.

The Czech president, who also served as a military officer, pointed out that Ukraine's battlefield capabilities are currently limited compared to Russia's. Hence, Pavel suggests the allies should curb offensive activities and reinforce defenses. To accomplish this, Kiev needs not only purely defensive weaponry but also resources that could disrupt Russian army supply routes, such as artillery, longer-range maneuvering missiles, and F-16 planes.

Endorses Expansion of the European Union

The Czech President expressed his approval for the expansion of the European Union to potentially include Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and the Western Balkan states.

He further emphasized the need to intensify cooperation, both economically and security-wise, with these countries to avoid any spots in Europe where different influences intersect could potentially lead to conflicts.

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