TechCzech-led coalition secures crucial ammunition for Ukraine

Czech-led coalition secures crucial ammunition for Ukraine

155 mm caliber artillery ammunition
155 mm caliber artillery ammunition
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8:07 AM EST, March 8, 2024

In February, Czech authorities announced their plan to facilitate a significant delivery of artillery shells to Ukraine, sourcing these from outside of Europe. The identities of the suppliers were kept confidential. Crucially, this move, aimed at supporting Ukraine's defense against Russian forces, has seen rapid support from other nations.

Funding for Ukraine's ammunition secured

"An essential sum has been collected to purchase 880,000 artillery ammunition units for Ukraine from non-European Union countries. The initiative, started by the Czechs, has now gained support from another 18 countries. We expect these munitions to be delivered to Ukraine in the upcoming weeks," stated the Czech President during a visit to the Central Bohemian region.

However, the Czech Prime Minister, Petr Fiala, offered a different update, noting that funds for 330,000 rounds have been gathered, with confidence that the remaining amount will be secured shortly. Yet, the overall target has not been reached. The national security advisor, Tomas Pojar, also pointed out this discrepancy, suggesting a possible misstatement by the president.

Nonetheless, two key points remain clear: the Czech initiative has brought European countries together in solidarity with Ukraine, and the initial batch of artillery shells, procured by Czechia's southern neighbor, is on its way to Ukraine.

The specific ammunition heading to Ukraine

By autumn 2023, Ukraine began experiencing noticeable slowdowns in ammunition supplies from Western allies, with frontline units having to ration their artillery shells. This scarcity handed tactical advantages to Russian forces, who, besides their stocks, have received significant support from North Korea.

While the Czechs have not revealed their suppliers, they have disclosed the procurement of 500,000 155 mm artillery shells and 300,000 units of 122 mm artillery shells. These represent the most crucial ammunition types for Ukraine.

The 155 mm shells, compatible with NATO equipment, fit various howitzers provided to Ukraine, including those from Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, and France. The decision to standardize this ammunition type extends to Ukraine's 2S22 Bogdana guns. The 122 mm shells are indispensable for the Soviet-era artillery systems, which remain a substantial component of Ukraine's military hardware.

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