LifestyleCyclone Gamane's deadly impact on Madagascar: 11 lives lost

Cyclone Gamane's deadly impact on Madagascar: 11 lives lost

Fishing village in Madagascar
Fishing village in Madagascar
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7:20 PM EDT, March 28, 2024

The cyclone Gamane, moving from the direction of India, unexpectedly hit the northern part of Madagascar overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, resulting in the tragic loss of 11 lives.

Cyclone Gamane impacted three northern regions of the island: Diana, Sava, and Analanjirofo.

Tragedy in Madagascar

As reported on Thursday, March 28, by the National Office for Disaster Management (BNGRC) and quoted by the "Madagascar Tribune," the havoc wreaked by Cyclone Gamane included 11 fatalities, two missing persons, and over 7,000 individuals affected. The majority of the victims either drowned or were swept away by the waters.

Residents of the coastal town of Vohemar described the cyclone's onslaught as a "scene of terror." In an interview with the "Madagascar Tribune," Lalasoa Randriamiaramanana, the mayor of one of Vohemar's districts, reported that the winds picked up around 2 a.m. ET, coupled with unceasing rainfall. "Under such conditions, sleep was impossible. The streets were abandoned, overtaken by terror," Randriamiaramanana recounted.

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The cyclone brought floods and strong winds, inundating roads and causing numerous bridges to collapse. This isolated the hardest-hit regions from the rest of the country and significantly impeded relief efforts. Social media was abuzz with photos and videos showcasing the current situation in Madagascar.

Cyclones on the paradise island

This recent disaster isn't the first of its kind to afflict the largest island in Africa. Earlier this year, Cyclone Alvaro lashed Madagascar, claiming 12 lives and leaving nearly 10,000 homeless.

Cyclones, originating from the Indian Ocean, annually assault the coasts of Madagascar and Mozambique, often extending their impact to Mauritius. They invariably usher in rain, floods, fatalities, and result in multi-million dollar damages.

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