EntertainmentCurfews, no male visitors, and life on demand: Unwrapping the uneasy reality of Playboy Mansion

Curfews, no male visitors, and life on demand: Unwrapping the uneasy reality of Playboy Mansion

Jenna spent a year in the residence.
Jenna spent a year in the residence.
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11:40 AM EST, January 15, 2024

Jenna joined the so-called "bunny house" at only 18 years old, around 2007-2008. The "bunny house" was adjacent to the Playboy Mansion. For Jenna, a teenager then, this seemed like a dream come true. But she concedes that she had to abide by stringent rules, which would result in eviction.

She suggests that significant preparations were made before her move into the mansion. For instance, she was required to undergo a thorough check to ensure she didn't pose any threats to the mansion's occupants or staff.

The critical rule was a 9:00 PM curfew. Jenna confessed that anyone outside the house past this time risked sleeping outdoors, and the mansion staff strictly enforced this rule.

Having male visitors was another strict no-no. Even socializing with them could lead to expulsion from the mansion.

On the plus side, the "bunny house" residents could enjoy several amenities and attractions.

The place where we lived had a movie theater, pets, trampolines, stylists... it was like living in a real-life Barbie house! - recalls Jenna.

The mansion's staff cared for cooking and cleaning, so the residents didn't need to. They also had access to a service dubbed "Dial-a-Dream," where they could dial 0 and order virtually anything they wanted at any time of the day or night — even McDonald's fries at 3 in the morning.

Every bunny has her own story

Another "bunny", Izabella St. James, asserts that a curfew and a strict rule against receiving male visitors were imposed at the mansion. She also shared her experiences of being Hugh Hefner's girlfriend. In her view, he was the "perfect gentleman," with seven girlfriends, one designated as the "primary" one.

Izabella recollects sharing a bed with Hefner twice a week, a rule that wasn't obligatory.

But the experiences of other mansion residents are notably more unsettling. One woman alleged that she was expected to behave "foolish" to appease Hefner's taste. She mentioned that his girlfriends were required to sleep with him whenever he felt up to it. However, this didn't happen often, as he was already aged during her tenure in the mansion.

Other women alleged they were pressured into taking drugs, were assaulted sexually, and their intimate acts were filmed without their consent.

Holly Madison was among those who didn't cherish her time at the Playboy Mansion. She confessed to feeling trapped in the mansion, fuelled by rumors that Hefner had a collection of explicit photos of the "bunnies," which he could potentially use for blackmail.

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