NewsCulinary fusion or faux pas? U.S. restaurants' take on Polish dumplings

Culinary fusion or faux pas? U.S. restaurants' take on Polish dumplings

Dumplings with chocolate and candy bars.
Dumplings with chocolate and candy bars.
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8:53 AM EST, November 29, 2023

Dumplings are not only enjoyed by Poles, but they have also found favor with Americans. However, finding traditional flavors in the United States that match those from our home country can be a hard task. Certain establishments have innovated with rather controversial fillings, which has sparked quite a stir on social media.

Although dumplings are one of the most popular dishes in Poland, variations of the dish are enjoyed worldwide.The dish, originally from China, made its way to Poland in the 13th century.

Sweet Tooth for Dumplings?

Common fillings for dumplings include meat, cabbage, or a mix of potatoes and cheese. They're usually served with sour cream, garnish, or even plain.

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Sweet versions exist, too. These typically contain strawberries, blueberries, or cottage cheese. However, there are some unusual ingredients that Poles would not usually use for their dumplings including chocolates, jellies, and candies. It appears that Americans are less leery of such culinary experiments.

Dumplings are widely available in the US, and can be found in any major supermarket under the name "Pierogies". Polish-themed restaurants are also increasingly common. "Jaju Pierogi" is such a restaurant and their menu features some bold creations, including dumplings filled with Snickers bars, chewable gum, Butterfinger candy bars, Reese's cookies, and Candy Corn honey candies.

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These culinary experiments have been well received by many customers, even those from Poland. However, not everyone is on board with these unconventional adaptations of the traditional dish and critics have taken to social media to voice their displeasure.

What in the world is this supposed to be?
No. The only sweet thing you can add to dumplings is dried plum.
This is worse than putting sweets on pizza — we read in the comments.

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The "Jaju" restaurant is owned by two sisters with Polish roots. Their grandfather, along with his siblings, founded a Polish food company in Massachusetts sixty years ago, specializing in dumplings, cabbage rolls, and sausages.

Our grandfather nurtured relationships with his customers and the broader community. He loved bringing joy to people. We aim to continue his legacy — say the restaurant owners.
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