LifestyleCuba's tourism hits record high despite economic woes and challenges

Cuba's tourism hits record high despite economic woes and challenges

The beaches in Cuba amaze everyone.
The beaches in Cuba amaze everyone.
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12:08 PM EDT, May 2, 2024

Despite the economic crisis in Cuba, the island saw an exceptional number of tourists in 2023. According to government reports, visitor numbers have reached a peak not seen since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With high hopes, Cuba anticipates an even more successful year for its tourism industry.

Cuba is making concerted efforts to promote itself as an appealing holiday destination. You can visit the Pearl of the Caribbean any time of the year, though the period from November to April is the most popular.

Tourists in Cuba

Government data for 2023 reveals that more than a million international tourists visited Cuba, marking the highest number since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, the Havana government reported.

The tourists included Canadians, Russians, Americans, Germans, and French.

The Cibercuba portal indicates that visitors to the island have faced challenges, including deteriorating hotel sanitary conditions, growing shortages of energy, food, and medicine, and social unrest. Despite these issues, the allure of experiencing paradise draws tourists. Varadero and Havana's capital remain among the island's top destinations.

Accounting Discrepancies

As previously mentioned, the Cuban Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos Garcia Granda, reported over a million tourist visits in 2023. Nonetheless, independent Cuban media have highlighted significant discrepancies in these figures, with initial announcements suggesting around three million tourists were expected throughout the year. These disparities are notably striking. However, it is generally accepted that the most accurate and reliable data comes from government sources lastly reported.

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