SportsCrossing the line. Unique crosswalk installed at Majorca stadium stirs social media debate

Crossing the line. Unique crosswalk installed at Majorca stadium stirs social media debate

Athletic Stadium in Majorca
Athletic Stadium in Majorca
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8:07 AM EST, December 14, 2023

Athletes and footballers cohabit in the stadium in Campos, Majorca. Training sometimes coincides, leading to some organizational challenges.

The local authorities have taken steps to address this situation. They have employed an extraordinary solution not seen before in such sporting facilities.

A crosswalk now adorns the track. This is not a jest. Images of the facility quickly went viral on social media, shared by a user of the Portal X, formally known as Twitter.

"I've never seen anything of this kind. A crosswalk on an athletic track," remarked a user named Juanma79campos (See below).

Internet users were quick to comment on the new development. Numerous humorous posts followed, with some even suggesting the installation of traffic lights along with the crosswalk at the stadium.

"The city council stands for the suitability of the introduced changes for athletes, as it prioritizes anyone intending to pass," reported the Spanish 'Marca'.

The authorities clarified that the athletic track users are to be prioritized. The measure taken is intended to better manage access to the pitch and stands and prevent potential accidents.

"I was informed that this measure has been implemented for the well-being of athletics. However, it doesn't ensure a good reputation as it influences the image, which can cause damage to the sport," expressed Gabriela Gili, President of the Athletics Federation of the Balearic Islands, in an interview with
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