NewsCrocus City Hall tragedy: 133 dead, ISIS Khorasan claims attack

Crocus City Hall tragedy: 133 dead, ISIS Khorasan claims attack

Attack on the concert hall near Moscow. The number of injured has increased.
Attack on the concert hall near Moscow. The number of injured has increased.
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5:25 PM EDT, March 24, 2024

The number of individuals affected by the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall concert hall on Friday evening has risen to 154, as reported by the health ministry. The fatalities total 133.

According to the TASS agency, based on information from the regional health department, 154 people have been identified as injured. Of these, 107 are receiving treatment in hospitals, while another 44 are under outpatient care. Three individuals have been discharged from the hospital.

Latest reports indicate that 133 people lost their lives in the terrorist attack near Moscow.

Attack on the concert hall near Moscow

On Friday, March 22, armed individuals attacked the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow. They opened fire on the crowd and there were also explosions reported. A subsequent fire led to the collapse of the building’s roof.

The Islamic State Khorasan province organization has claimed responsibility for planning the attack.

The Russian authorities have stated that they have captured four individuals connected to the attack, noting that they are not Russian citizens. These terrorists were apprehended in the Bryansk region.

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Putin's statement

Nearly 20 hours after the onset of the attack, Vladimir Putin addressed the incident. He assured that everyone involved in the "bloody and barbaric attack" would face punishment.

He highlighted that support will be extended to all victims and their families. He declared Sunday, March 24, as a day of national mourning in Russia.

Putin further characterized Friday's attack as not only "meticulously and cynically planned but an organized mass murder of defenseless civilians". He likened the attackers to Nazis.

"All the perpetrators, organizers, and sponsors will face fair and inevitable punishment," he declared.

"We are aware of the terrorism threat." We hope for cooperation with all nations that genuinely sympathize with our suffering and are ready to actively combat the universal menace of international terrorism," he added.

Attack on the concert hall near Moscow: recordings

A myriad of recordings showcasing the assault and the attackers' brutality have surfaced online. One video depicts individuals attempting to exit the building, hindered by some fire exits being locked.

Source:, PAP

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